The Redwood Room

The Redwood Room is the most historic site on Calamigos Ranch. It is an exquisite setting for your picture perfect wedding. Rustic charm flows from the 100 year old weeping willows and the growing vines of our Malibu Wine Country.

The storied oak trees, soothing waterfalls, and flagstone pathways all create an endearing environment for your special day. Guests are seated on garden chairs of the ceremony lawn and are shaded by a canopy of redwoods and eucalyptus trees.

Inside the lodge, you are welcomed by a natural stone fireplace greeting your friends and family with its flickering warmth. The stone wall fireplace was the original fireplace in the main lodge house before the fires destroyed the building in the 1970’s.

Joanna YangThe Redwood Room

Beach Club

The Calamigos Beach Club is a breathtaking five acre ranch along the Malibu coast where Latigo Canyon meets the Pacific Coast Highway.



Established in 1937, the Calamigos Star C emerged as the premier location for wellness and healing in the growing town of Malibu.



Inspired by this special setting, Calamigos Collection honors its heritage while putting a fresh spin on classic California cool.

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